How do you find the best shots in new locations?

For anyone looking to shoot beautiful landscapes, you should look no further than New Zealand (apart from Australia of course  ). New Zealand offers a wealth of variety in terms of scapes from the luscious green rolling fields to the snow-capped, rugged mountain tops.  So the problem most of us will face is ‘I only have a limited time, how do I see it all; where do I go?’ Add to that the country is split across two islands!

While I have been to New Zealand numerous times, my advice from a photographer’s perspective would be to find a professional workshop or tour with a talented, local professional photographer. To this end my last experience in NZ was outstanding.  While there are numerous photographers willing to offer their services, I believe you could do no better than signing up for a tour with the guys from Capture New Zealand. The tours are led by professional landscape photographer, Phillip Bartlett, who will ensure that you are in the right location to grab the best possible light as it falls on some amazing scenery.  One of the best parts about these workshops is that whether you are a raw beginner or pro, Phil is able to share his expertise and tips to help enhance your photographic experience and grab some wonderful images.

I believe that if you are in a new location, or a great spot that you’re unfamiliar with and you wish to maximise your photography options, do some research and find a great local professional photographer. There’s always:

‘So much to shoot and so little time’

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