One of the great things about our Lofoten Lights Winter Workshops is the fact that in terms of our accommodation we are centrally located to our shooting destinations.  This means that there's no daily unpacking and repacking of luggage, which we all know can become rather tiresome; something that becomes very important when we are out at night 'chasing the elusive green lady'.

Day 1:

Arrival at Evenes Airport where you are picked up by our guides. From here you start driving out to basecamp in Lofoten. Its a 3 hr drive with incredible view along the way. Easily one of the most scenic drives in Norway.Once settled in the cabins you will head out the shoot sunset at one of the beaches outside Leknes. We are located close to the famous beaches at Haukland and Utakleiv. At night it might be possible to shoot the incredible aurora borealis if the weather permits.

Day 2 – 7:

Due to the incredibly fast changing weather in the Lofoten Islands we never operate with a fixed schedule. Our guides are local and knows the area better than anyone and in order to maximize your experience it is crucial that you are in the right place at the right time. This means being very flexible and being able to read the weather systems.

However, we will cover all the well known spots from Å in the south to Henningsvær in the north. We will spend 1 or 2 whole days photographing the incredible area around Reine, famous for its small villages spread out across a string of small islands, surrounded by the most dramatic peaks. All the famous beaches will be visited; Skagsanden, Vareid, Vikten, Fredvang, Haukland, Utakleiv and Unstad. The picturesque villages of Nusfjord and Henningsvær will be explored. The highlights are endless and since we know this area extremely well we will also focus on lesser known spots that are equally impressive.

Weather permitted, every night it will be possible to witness the greatest show on the planet; the northern lights! For reasons still unknown to scientists, the northern lights are at its most active around spring equinox. This means we have great chances of seeing this incredible phenomenon.

After shooting sunrise on day 7, we will check out from our hotel and move back to Evenes. Here we will wrap up the trip by shooting sunset at a mountain lake surrounded by jagged peaks. This is also a great location for the northern lights, so we hope to end the trip with a night time show on the night sky!

Day 8

We will make sure everyone gets safely to the airport full of amazing memories.