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Travelling in Morocco – Pt 2

By November 18, 2019Travel

Tip 3: When it comes to accommodation, look to the Riads.

Rather than stay in a hotel; one that you’d find anywhere in the world, do yourself a favour and find one of Morocco’s beautiful riads to stay in.  These are more traditional dwellings can be quite opulent on the inside. Moroccans pay far more attention to how dwellings look on the inside, with little importance placed on the outside. So don’t worry about what the outside looks like; if you do your homework and find one that comes recommended, the inside will be great.

And the food ….. well that’s simply amazing

Tip 4: Organise an overnight camel ride to the Sahara

A trip out into the Sahara is a must! Do it in style on the back on a camel, which is about a three hour trip, but well worth a few bumps and bruises you may acquire on the way. And don’t sleep in!! The sunrises in the Sahara are spectacular; the colour and silence are amazing.

Tip 5: Movies buffs be on the lookout!

Most people may be unaware that that nearly 100 feature movies have been shot, either wholly or in part, in Morocco.  These range from epics such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), to The Mummy and of course his return.  Similarly you’ll find scenes from Troy, and Alexander, while if you look closely below I’m sure you’ll recognise the location as used in Gladiator.


Of course the site depicted is Ait Ben Haddou which is a World Heritage listed UNESCO site. Those that had a look at the caption would notice that this was also used during the filming of Game of Thrones. For the GoT fans out there, Morocco holds a number of surprises in terms of locations. While travelling up the west coast of Morocco a spot not to be missed is Essaouira. This is a port city well known for its fishing and street markets, though Game of Thrones fans will surely recognise the castle ramparts when we first met the ‘Unsullied’.

Morocco is a photographer’s delight offering such a variety of landscapes, people and lifestyles. Always keep your camera handy though it is wise, if not essential, to ask people first before taking their photo.  Many individuals refuse to have their image taken , based on cultural beliefs.