Why come on an Oz Photo Workshop?


1. Small Group Size

Oz Photo Workshops are limited to a maximum of six photographers. The benefits of a small group cannot be underestimated, as this allows for great rapport and camaraderie to develop in the group very quickly. Importantly, it allows for plenty of 1-1 tuition at each shooting location, for each photographer; not to mention that many people feel far more comfortable asking questions 1-1, or in small groups.

2. Clear Statement of What’s Included

Before you book an Oz Photo Workshop, you have a clear knowledge of what is included in your workshop from the overview and itinerary. There’s no point booking a landscape photography workshop that focuses on sunrise and sunsets if you’re hoping to improve your astrophotography or portrait skills. Similarly, you don’t want to get a nasty surprise if you find out meals are not included and you thought they were!

At Oz Photo Workshops there are no nasty surprises.

3. Flexible Itinerary

As photographers we all want to be in the best location, with the best light; that’s what we will endeavour to do. So if the weather is not looking promising at our designated sunrise location, but looks great elsewhere, we will go to where we will get the best shot. There’s no point going into a poor situation just because the itinerary said so. Similarly, if everyone is enjoying a particular and wants to spend more time at that location, we will (where possible) and drop one of our other locations.

An Oz Photo Workshop is all about you!

4. Value For Your Money

The majority of Oz Photo Workshops are fully inclusive of accommodation, transport, meals, park fees and the like. So you have to worry about very little, but you and your camera gear; everything else is taken care of for you.

You will not be charged excessive costs for accommodation or other fees, as we search for the best deals for our groups and pass the savings onto you. Our meals will be at locations serving great, tasty, local produce and our accommodations at highly recommended, clean, comfortable establishments.

Your Oz Photo Workshop is about maximising your time in the field, doing what you love – photography!

5. Fun!

Sure you want to learn the nuances of a new camera you’ve just purchased, or how to cater for the dynamic range and the like, but it’s just as important to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. One of the critical things about an Oz Photo Workshop is that it caters to everyone; whether you’ve been photographing for 10 years or 10 minutes. You will find that by lunchtime on the first day people are laughing and chatting, telling stories and sharing techniques. It is often these shared meal times that some of the best learning takes place and of course, I’ll be there to tell my stories of the one that got away!

By the end of a workshop, many people find they’ve made a new friend for life, brought together by a shared interest, and will often go a future workshops together.

Make sure your next photography workshop meets these considerations and if there’s something else your concerned about just reach out and contact me.